The mission of Unbound Ministries is the relentless pursuit of freedom.

We live in the most sexually charged culture in history. Pornography is tearing men, women, and children apart all across our country. Focus on the Family reports that 47% of families report pornography as a problem in their home and pornography is the number one problem cited in the calls they receive for help each year.

The statistics are certainly troubling, even shocking, but they are not the whole truth. The truth is that real freedom from porn is available.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” -Galatians 5:1

Are you experiencing freedom in this area of your life?

Perhaps you’re a regular guy just looking for some answers, some help, some way to make porn feel not-so-irresistible. Real freedom is available. Not just a set of rules or tips or techniques or formulas to deal with your behavior. Real, genuine, freedom. Read about it here.

If you are a pastor, counselor, or men’s leader, check out the resources we can offer your community or contact us directly to ask questions or discuss how we might help you bring a message of freedom to your community.

Wives and moms, trying to understand why your man or son struggles, read this letter from one wife to another. Learn more about what you can do to fight alongside your son and your husband.