Real Freedom. Really Possible.

Unbound Ministries is officially launched! Many thanks to each and every one of you for your prayers, encouragement, and financial support in making this happen!

 A few days ago a friend of mine called me with a  story. Earlier in the day, his wife had overhead a group of gals talking at a Christian school. They were discussing how sad it was that pornography existed and how sad it was for the people who were into that. It got me thinking. How many of us have been involved in a conversation like that? Or overhead one? One of the worst nights of my entire life, many years ago – I was sitting in my backyard with my only close friend, talking about a guy who was leaving his wife and two small kids. Turned out he had a pretty significant online porn problem. But what I remember about it was sitting there, desperately wanting to tell my friend that I had that same problem. But I was so afraid of what would happen if I did, because in twenty years of going to  church, I’d never heard of a guy admitting that he struggled with porn and not getting yelled at, shunned, kicked out or fired. So I kept my mouth shut, just like most men.

Did you know that last year, one of the largest divorce lawyer groups in the US surveyed their 1400 lawyers and found that pornography was the reason for separation in nearly 1/3 of all divorce cases? The headline on the back of Becoming Unbound: From Pornography to Freedom says this:   It’s time to start a real conversation about a difficult topic. And it really is time, isn’t it? How much longer are we going to wait to talk about the epidemic of pornography in our culture, our families, and our churches?

You can be a meaningful part of starting this conversation!

Read the book. If you’re a man, it’ll open your eyes to what real freedom in this area looks like and help you start that journey. Or at least it’ll help you understand the battle that half of all the men in the American church deal with on at least a weekly basis. If you’re a woman, it’ll shed light on what may be a very confusing issue. And maybe even more importantly, it’ll help you understand how to stand alongside your man and your boys as they fight this battle. You can purchase the book directly from Ezra (just reply and ask) or via –

Visit the website. is up and running. Check it out and submit a contact form with your feedback. Typos, spelling errors, suggestions, we’d love to know what you think about how we can make it better!!

Help others find Unbound. While you’re at the website, like us on facebook (UnboundMinistries). Follow us on twitter if you use it (@BecomingUnbound). Share a page that was meaningful to you with some friends on facebook so they can help others as well.

Spread the word. Consider introducing us to other pastors or leaders. We believe that every man and woman in America deserves to hear the message of Becoming Unbound. You don’t have to call anyone, just drop us a note with the name of the pastor or leader we should reach out to. Send them a quick email letting them know that we’ll be calling. The offer to them will be a cup of coffee, a free copy of the book, and an understanding of what Unbound Ministries can offer them.

Thank you, again, for all you’ve done to make this a reality. As God brings Unbound Ministries or the Snyder’s to your mind, please pray the Kingdom of Jesus Christ over every area of Unbound Ministry and over every area of the Snyder’s life. That we would be saturated by His Kingdom. That it would fill us to overflowing, light our path, inspire us, and faithfully continue to provide life changing encounters for the men and women who desire freedom and transformation in this area of their life and their marriage.

Let’s make it true – Real freedom. Really possible.

Ezra Snyder