Live simply so that you may live simply.

On our recent drive from Washington to Colorado, I had a startling realization. We were packing up for another day of driving and I was looking for my keys. *brief aside* I really hate giant key chains. The car alarm fob, a few trinkets, other car, house, office, shed, mailbox keys, Safeway, gym, and Blockbuster cards. The kind that swing and jingle from the ignition and tickle your leg as you drive. Ugh. *aside over* So we’re in Cheyenne, Wyoming and I looked down at the counter and saw…


Just. One. Key.


And it made me smile.


Really big.



Now I’m not knocking having those other keys. But we’ve found great joy in having less these days. Yes, owning a house is wonderful and having two cars is helpful and etc, etc, etc. Or is it? Our recent financial challenges have led us to some significantly different conclusions about money and wealth and the joy of living simply that we did not have before.

How many times have you heard someone lament, “What I really want to do is _______ but I just can’t right now.” The underlying, desire-killing reason they can’t? Isn’t is usually…stuff? Things that are actually tying them down or at least making them feel tied down? I’m not advocating selling everything you own and moving to the Philippines. Unless, of course, that’s what God is asking you to do. In which case, you should do it, like a couple I know.

Are there areas in your life where you feel led to live more simply? What are they? I’ve got quite a few that I plan to share in the coming weeks, but I’d love to hear about the areas in your life you are wrestling with feeling trapped or wanting to live more simply to find freedom. Please feel free to comment and share what is God doing in your heart.