November Updates

Here are a few things we’re looking forward to in 2014:

Southeast Trip. It’s been a tough couple years, but we are in a season of experiencing the favor of the Father like we never have before. We have come to a place of deep peace about whatever direction the Lord would have us take. And in the midst of that, it’s absolutely wonderful when He makes it perfectly clear in a way that we could never orchestrate. Recently, Ezra received an invitation to speak at a ministry college in Atlanta. Last week Heather was invited to participate in a women’s retreat in Tennessee in March where Ezra was also invited to participate as an intercessor. And then just a couple days ago Ezra was invited to put on an Unbound weekend for a church in Virginia. So we are praying through a Southeast trip in March/April of next year. We also have some dear, dear friends in GA and VA that we have not seen for many years that it would be a delight to visit!

Connections around the US. God has been connecting Unbound with other like-minded ministries for men. In particular, He’s put us in contact with quite a few ministries who offer retreats and weekends in a similar format to a Wild At Heart boot camp. In the past two years, I (Ezra) have become friends with leaders of ministries in Oregon, Michigan, Georgia, California and Idaho. Not only has this been a huge gift for me personally in relationships, but it’s also opened up some huge ministry opportunities. Many of these ministries want to be able to offer their men a message of hope and freedom from porn. And they particularly love Becoming Unbound because it’s written in the vocabulary of their ministry! We sense that 2014 will be the year that we start to engage alongside these existing ministries, offering freedom to men together.

Colorado Community. We are coming up on three months in Palmer Lake and already the Father has put us into some amazing fellowship. Both Heather and I have found the beginnings of what we hope and pray are some really deep friendships. We’re overjoyed to be in a place where we are among a fantastic group of like-minded people! In the past couple months, we’ve both had the opportunity to attend retreats where the Father has moved deeply in our own hearts…restoring, healing, renewing, and taking us deeper. We’re so excited to see where He is taking each of us personally and how He plans to use us to further the message of hope and freedom through Unbound Ministries!


Thanks, friends and allies, we couldn’t do this without you!