VA, ID, CO and a Film Project!

Film Project!

One of the questions we’ve been wrestling with recently is how to offer Unbound to any man any where in the world. Without spending tens of thousands of dollars to produce a video series in a studio! And how do we accurately and effectively offer an Unbound retreat (our most effective “product” if you will) that invites a man into the message but is accessible to him any time, any where.

I love how God works. Because what’s happened recently is quite remarkable and entirely not a coincidence!

About three weeks ago, I met with a friend who suggested the idea of videoing an actual Unbound retreat and turning it into an online course. His thoughts were to hold a small retreat in a picturesque location where the primary emphasis would be on capturing Unbound content. So not necessarily a large event, but one filled with known allies, friends, and men who want more freedom. Probably 8-10 guys at most. And he also suggested a couple software options that can be easily added to our existing website to offer that retreat in a “one-session-at-a-time” video series, complete with questions, study time, and guided prayer.

A few days later, the renewal notice for a domain purchased last year came up. When the idea first hit in early 2013, I searched through a bunch of available domain names and honestly was quite surprised that was available. So I purchased it and have been waiting to use it since…

Then another buddy sent me an email with an introduction to a guy he wanted me to meet. He’d read the book and been helped by it…and he’s runs a visual arts company! We spoke on the phone last week and really hit it off. He has all the necessary gear and experience to film, edit, and produce not only the video series, but a couple promo’s for the series and for Unbound Ministries in general. And he’s willing to forgo up front monies and be paid over time by online video purchases.

One of the men locally that I had felt led to invite into this idea also has some contacts and may very well have found us a mountain “cabin” outside Breckenridge, CO that we may be able to use to film in!

I share all this with you in great joy! This video project may very well be the most significant undertaking that Unbound has ever considered. I would love your continued prayers and covering over this effort as we move forward.

Event Calendar

The last month has been super busy putting together the event calendar for 2014. Or rather, praying and waiting on the Lord to make it clear where He wants Unbound to invest.

VA in June. We’ll be heading to the Shenandoah River Valley, June 6-8 to offer an Unbound weekend retreat to a local fellowship there. If you want to attend, please contact Ezra directly as there are only a few spots left for men who do not attend the local church that is hosting.

CO in the Summer. The date isn’t set yet, but we are targeting the film project weekend for some point this summer. It seems likely that we’ll offer two CO events this year – one true Unbound retreat and a separate event for the the film project.

ID in September. There are at least five different connection streams converging in McCall, ID the weekend of September 19-21. We won’t post the event publicly for a while, but save the date if you are anywhere nearby! The event site we have is absolutely gorgeous and we are really excited about the opportunity to connect old friends, new friends, ministry allies, and some local fellowships together in the message of Unbound!


We are profoundly grateful for the time, energy, encouragement, and support that each of you offer Unbound! We couldn’t do this without you!

Please offer up your prayers over these events. We sense that God has some mighty work planned through these in 2014, and we desire to be walking closely with Him, carrying out His orders, delivering His words, and offering His message of hope and freedom to men and their wives across the US and around the world.