Ezra Snyder has been walking in freedom since July 22, 2005. He is the founder of Unbound Ministries and has spoken to thousands of men at conferences around the world. His greatest joy is seeing men encounter God, find freedom, and experience transformation in their lives. Ezra is happily married to Heather and father to three wonderful children. He also enjoys bow hunting, chess, sushi, and cigars.

Unbound Ministries began with a weekly study at a local church in the Spring of 2006. Since then, it has grown from a ministry of Adventure Community Church to its own nonprofit organization, recognized by the IRS. The board members of Unbound Ministries have all experienced real freedom in their lives because of the message of Unbound.

We are passionate about starting the conversation about pornography and the freedom from it that is truly available to all men.

Real freedom. Really possible. It’s what we believe and fight for every day.

Check out the resources that Unbound Ministries can offer your community. Pick up a copy of the book, Becoming Unbound: From Pornography to Freedom, that started it all.

Unbound Ministries was formed out of¬†Adventure Community Church in Duvall, WA and agrees with¬†ACC’s Statement of Faith.