“As a pastor for 18 years I saw only marginal success for men seeking freedom from pornography. After the message of Becoming Unbound, I saw amazing and lasting breakthrough for many men. – Randy L., Lead Pastor

If you are like most of the pastors, counselors, and men’s leaders that I speak with, pornography is a huge issue in your community. Most leaders tell me that by the time they hear about, things are already pretty bad. Moms upset and frustrated by not knowing what to do with their sons. Husbands, quiet and alone, struggling to understand why this has owned them for so long. Couples seeking counseling or perhaps just agreeing to counseling in an attempt to avert divorce over affairs, porn, fantasy, etc. And most pastors also tell me that they aren’t sure where to direct these men. What program offers them the best chance of success, of freedom? Which book might actually make a difference in their life and their marriage?

“Driving home from youth group after the Unbound Ministries event, I had the best conversation I’ve ever had with my 14-year old son.” – Jeff C., worship pastor

All the leaders I speak with want more for their men. They are frustrated when the answer to the problem is a 5-year plan or a 30 day money back guaranteed program. They are frustrated when the “life to the full” that John 10:10 advertises is replaced by managing behavior, sending six check-in emails a day, or filling out a worksheet. If you’re like most leaders, what you desire for your men is real freedom!

Pastors, can you imagine preaching a message where the main point was that you can be saved if you work really hard over the next three-five years?! Is that the good news of the gospel? Or counselors, telling someone that if they meet with you every single week they might someday “overcome” their desires? Yet these are often the “solutions” offered to men struggling with pornography. Don’t you find it frustrating that it seems like half the programs out there offer accountability as the sole means of finding freedom? Yes, there are some great 12-step type programs. Yes, there are a helpful websites with 14 or 30 or 90 day accountability programs. Yes, there is professional counseling. And those are all well and good. Perhaps even appropriate for some of the men you are meeting with.

But there must be more. Surely real transformation in this area of life is possible. The same sort of transformation that you have no doubt seen hundreds of times when a man takes on his new, true identity as a child of God and becomes a Christ follower. That kind of impact is availabe in this area of men’s lives! There is much more available for the men in your community who are struggling with porn and all that goes along with it. It’s not about trying to solve a problem, it’s about the hearts of your men. Life-long transformation is the goal.

“I’m excited to recommend Becoming Unbound because it points the way past surface-deep “fixes” and goes right to the heart of the matter, because pornography and masturbation are matters of the heart. Instead of sin-management, which facilitates more hiding and fig-leaf making, Snyder offers living water: Jesus.  He is the one who will rescue and bring true change, not more self-willed tricks or techniques.  Make no mistake, this message is intensely practical.  But it is also intensely personal.” – Greg, pastor in CO

Read more about the resources available to your church. My passion is to help you get the real truth out to each and every one of your men. Real freedom is available. And it’s really possible. So let’s together start a real conversation about a difficult topic. Purchase a copy of Becoming Unbound today and see what kind of journey you could take your men on.

Unbound Ministries also offers custom events, designed to meet your community where they are to begin or continue the journey toward freedom. Contact us to learn more.

Real freedom. Really possible.